Sir Dominic

Professional Dominant - Sydney

Have you ever wanted to kneel at the feet of a Man and feel what it is like to be truly dominated in mind, body and soul?

Sir Dominic is self-educated and well-practiced in sexuality; he knows the female body well. This mixed with his effortless sensuality will have you immersed in a unique experience - his intuitive nature shines through everything he does to give you a once in a lifetime experience.

Trained, mentored and experienced in many BDSM disciplines, his skills will satisfy and leave you begging for more. While talented across a broad spectrum of kinks and fetishes, he specialises in (but not limited to) impact play (flogging, caning, paddling, barehanded spanking etc) and pain - his trademark experience is the combination of pain and pleasure that leaves your mind and body in a state of bliss.

He is available for:


Couple's Cuckold - Surrender to Sir Dominic for a display of his intuitive dominance over your partner. Create an experience for you and your partner to expand your scope and memories for both of you to look back with fondness.

Double Trouble - Double your experience with Sir Dominic and one of Temple22's outstanding Mistresses. This play is ideal for the enthusiast individual or couple who seek a more sophisticated and involving experience.

Couples Coaching/Men's Coaching - If you are new to the lifestyle, or are simply curious, come as a couple or as single to learn and explore more about how to add spice to your sex life. Discover new things you might like, and learn the variety of best practices you may add to your current repertoire.

Sir Dominic is available by appointment only.



"Sir Dominic is faultless. He has an uncanny ability to read and challenge me - physically and psychologically - that takes me into unexpected territory of both pleasure and pain. He is genuine, perceptive and in the right moments, sensual." - Natalie

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