Mistress Eugenie

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

Mistress Eugenie is a mature 50 year old mistress – educated, erudite, and empathetic.

Mistress Eugenie is voluptuous, buxom and confident. She has 25 years of lifestyle experience in BDSM.

With a natural triple F cup bosom, if you show the proper respect, she can be warm and cuddly, but naughty men, ladies and genderqueers, don’t be fooled by her politeness, as insolent, recalcitrant and deliberately rude behaviour will meet with an icy dominance.

Manners and proper training of slaves, sissies and sluts is of utmost important to Mistress.  If you behave well, learn your lessons, educate in the Fine Arts, she may design your fantasy in absolute pedantic detail, so that you will feel listened to, satisfied and ultimately content.

Mistress Eugenie specialises in:

Sissy training – In Temple 22’s beautiful transformation rooms, Sissies, Missies and Girlie-girls will be made more beautiful, punished, dressed, undressed, beaten, not beaten, sweetened and made pretty.

Even larger and smaller sissies will be catered for with a large range of sizes, with make-up, deportment, walking lessons, a new name and a renewed sense of sissy/slut/slave identity. With Mistress Eugenie, your inner world will blossom and bloom.

Role Play – Her role play is psychologically oriented and character driven and includes historical figures, such as the sexy music teacher, prying aunty, punitive school teacher or the maniacally cold mother.

Adult Baby fantasies – Mistress Eugenie also specialises in Adult Baby sessions with all stages catered for.

Gender Play – Mistress identifies as genderqueer and is happy to cater for needs such as strap-on play as well as the psychological aspects of gender fluidity.

Disabled and differently-abled clients - Mistress is able to work with disabled people of all genders in collaboration with carers (no lifting or turning). There is a specialised access for those with special needs and wheelchairs.

Mistress Eugenie is not a sadistic mistress but she will have zero tolerance for any disrespectful behaviour. She will delight you with her warmth, cuddles and empathy and ability to read your mind and transcend and translate your mental desires into the fantasy of your dreams.

Switch sessions are available of a light to medium level.

Limitations - Sessions are light to medium, no heavy caning, lifting, advanced bondage or bloodsports. Safe, sane, consensual, no exceptions.

By Appointment only. All Times dependent on other bookings. Minimum 48 hours notice required. Bookings made with deposit the week before preferred.

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