Fonda Pain

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

Fantasise about being fit but lack the discipline required to achieve your goals?

Does the idea of being whipped into shape by an athletic super-fit Russian alpha femme sound more appealing than slogging it out alone at the gym?

Temple 22's Fonda Pain is a highly experienced professional Bondage Mistress and Personal Trainer who has a fetish for forced fitness and loved dominating her clients into working out, while pushing them to their absolute physical (and mental) limits.

Fonda's BDPT (Bondage, Discipline and Personal Training) sessions combine sadomasochism with exercise, and are structured in a way that is guaranteed to get you fit and tone your body, while keeping you motivated and focussed on your fitness goals.

While Temple 22 might lack the appearance of a conventional gym, the workout Fonda will give you is real, intense and will have you seeing results just as quickly. Fonda's BDPT sessions are carefully catered to each client's unique goals and fitness abilities, with a typical session potentially including cardio, weights, interval training, boxing, nutrition coaching and other exercises... all with a sadistic edge.

Fonda has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to laziness and excuses. Submit to her, refuse the urge to sissy out before the end of each session and you are guaranteed to see results.

If forced fitness isn't your thing, Fonda also offers more traditional Dominatrix sessions, with some of her favourite session activities including: bondage, discipline, roleplay, humiliation, mind fucks, medical fantasies, crossdressing, foot worship, mummification, torture and more.

She welcomes players of all levels.

Via appointment only.

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22 Burton Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia

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Phone: +61 2 9331 4418

Mobile: +61 2 9331 4419

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