Mistress Valentina

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

I am a young and deliciously wicked Mistress, a statuesque temptress with a penchant for exploring the deepest and most depraved corners of your filthy mind.

I will coax you into the confession of your naughtiest secrets, perhaps with the heel of my stiletto pressed firmly into your chest, or, while you kneel humbly on the floor where you belong. As you peer up into my deep green eyes, I will gleefully teach you a thing or two.

I am experienced in and take utter delight from an extensive variety of play scenarios; my absolute favourites include Water sports, Anal play, Trampling and Foot Fetish, Role Play, Spanking, CBT and Humiliation.

I relish in the exploration of many facets of BDSM and Kink; however, I am ever contemplating new challenges and willing to extend my repertoire for a worthy candidate. I am thrilled at the opportunity to gang up on you with one or more of my beautiful co-conspirators, have no doubt, when we finish with you, the haze of ecstasy will be divine.

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22 Burton Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia

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Phone: +61 2 9331 4418

Mobile: +61 2 9331 4419

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