Master Jaiden Lillith

Professional Master - Sydney

Jaiden Lillith is a gracefully wicked gender-fluid creature who will seduce you into submission. 
With a love of deliciously wicked scenarios and roles such as Headmaster, interrogations, medical exams, incest these and many other delightful possibilities are limited only by the imagination.
His speciality is Shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage. From simple but effective single rope ties to complex predicament bondage all the way to hardcore suspension bondage, his sensual webs will ensnare you till you surrender completely.
If you choose to struggle, severe take down ties await you. Other skills include discipline, impact play, bondage and restraint of all kinds, electroplay (Violet wands, TENS units, cattle prod), feminization / sissification, gender play, forced bi, cuckolding, CBT / Female genital torture, sensory deprivation. 
Playing across the entire spectrum of possibilities – embracing the beauty of connection and all the ways in which it can be expressed - with Jaiden you can anticipate an appreciation for subtlety and delight in seduction – everything from gentle sensuality, intense erotic exploration, all the way to extreme edge play. 
Whatever your desire, Jaiden Lillith will delve deep into your mind and tease out your submission inch by inch, until you have given yourself over to him entirely. 
All ages, genders and experience levels welcome.


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