Maîtresse Odyssée

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

I am French, short, athletic, tattooed. My shaved head and hairy armpits are paired with a sophisticated repertoire of mental and physical domination. Don’t let my stern look and petite body fool you, I am capable of engulfing you in a world of lust, lined with pain and dotted with ecstasy. I give a lot and expect a lot in return, as I believe BDSM is a game played between equals.
In my 10 years of experience as a sadist, I have taken people of all genders and sexualities to the edges of pleasure and pain, widening their horizons through risk-aware consensual kink. I have made people cry in pain and scream in pleasure, beyond what they thought they could handle. I love introducing people to the darkest side of their mind, letting them explore under my expert touch what will send them into ecstasy.
I can talk to you in French and watch your eyes widen as you try to understand how I plan to take you over. As a class-A pervert, nothing shocks me. Tell me your fantasies and let the world around you crumble as you decide to sink into the space opening up at my feet, under my domination.
I adore the feeling of latex or leather on my skin, and some of my favourite things include corporal punishment, verbal and physical humiliation, prostate pleasuring and gender fuckery.

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Temple 22 is now closed, however we are still taking private bookings for our Mistresses, Touring Mistresses, Masters & Submissives.
Sydney, Australia

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