Mistress Adelaide

Professional Mistress - Sydney

Gifted with striking natural beauty and a taste for manflesh, Mistress Adelaide is the full package in a woman to worship. Or perhaps a package and a half. As one of Temple 22’s trans mistresses, Adelaide possesses a range of captivating attributes that make her extremely desirable and uniquely popular.

The first thing you might notice about Adelaide is her considerable height. At 6ft and counting (depending on the punishment boots she has chosen for the evening’s fun), many are quite literally bowled over by her Amazonian proportions. But more than looking down on her supplicants, Adelaide can also be quite playful. Whether it’s dressing you up, dressing you down, or just playing horsey, Mistress Adelaide isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

If you’re looking to explore your sexual boundaries with a trans mistress, Adelaide is skilled at guiding new initiates. Adelaide’s cock is an embodiment of the hard femininity sought by so many Temple 22 patrons, and a striking contrast to her soft, supple physique.

Mistress Adelaide delights in disciplining and humiliating her subservients. She is familiar with a range of fetishes and enjoys indulging and denying them as she sees fit. Adelaide’s captivating intelligence makes her skilled in a variety of role-playing situations. And she finds cross-dressing and sissification very enjoyable. But whatever your proclivities, those who dare to ask just might receive if requesting the pleasure of Adelaide’s company.

All these qualities combine to make a journey through Adelaide’s chamber of mysteries unlike any other. Contact Temple 22 reception for a booking now. You can follow Mistress Adelaide on Instagram @adelaide.asterix


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