Mistress Andrie

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

There is a powerful force within me to dominate, overpower, torture and enslave, leaving you helpless and lost without my control. I derive pleasure from getting inside your head, pulling strings and making you my desperate little slave. Once I have you under my spell you'll be aching to suit my every need and meet my every desire. Your body is mine for the taking and I have been known to have some very sadistic desires that I expect you to tend to. I love to hear your desperate cries, your muffled screams and your begs for mercy.

My divine cock is to be worshiped, you will be thanking me through your moans of pleasure and pain. Soon enough you will be addicted to the sweet taste of your goddesses dick. Providing a flexible tone between strict, sadistic and torturous and being a caring, loving presence of the owner you need. What end of this spectrum you get will depend on what mood I'm in, so you better get me in a good mood.

With a sleek presentation, a perfect cock, an overwhelming demeanor, and a head full of dark fantasies, you will regret it if you ever try to defy me. Whether you book a session or not you are already mine.
  • Medical fetish: castration fantasy, needle play, cutting, sounding, catheterisation
  • Torture: Blood play, human punching bag, cutting, suffocating, drowning
  • Pet play: Kitties, pups, cats, dogs, whatever pet you are, you need an owner.
  • Body Worship: Cock, ass, legs, breasts
  • Mummy/little: Giving a caring, motherly tone and providing and aura of protection and care for the little.
  • Anal training: From finger to cock to fist
  • Tease: Chastity, Keyholding, Edging, ruined orgasm
  • Toilet Slave: Golden and Brown shower, human toilet and toilet paper, bathroom cleaning service
  • Impact play: caning, flogging, paddling, spanking
  • Ballbusting: crushing, kicking, slapping, punching etc.
  • Cock Worship: from soft and sensitive to deepthroat suffocation.
Preference to LGBTQAI+, and WITSGD people but will not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, age, sex, class, religion or disability
  • Do not provide forced feminisation, sissification or any gender based humiliation. Submissives experimenting or discovering gender through submission or otherwise are welcome however.

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Temple 22 is now closed, however we are still taking private bookings for our Mistresses, Touring Mistresses, Masters & Submissives.
Sydney, Australia

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