Mistress Arabella

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

I am petite, fair-skinned and blessed with a curvaceous, soft body designed for slave submission. I take great pleasure in finding my way into your mind, where I can begin my work of making your deepest fantasies a reality. Whilst I am undoubtedly known for my natural propensity for sadism, I do have a softer side. I love indulging in erotic domination, as well as hardcore punishment and discipline.I envision the perfect slave to be respectful, courteous, and willing to give themselves over to absolute pleasure.

Those who comply with my demands will walk away with memories they will relish in for the rest of their lives.

Mistress Arabella’s Favourite Activities:

Worship: Boot, bare foot, ass, and body. - Slave training: I’m fond of slaves who’ve never seen an experienced Domme, I will train a slave to achieve all the attributes it takes to serve and look after a mistress, often ending in rewards for the victim.

Role play: Animal, age play, naughty school boy, nurse, rape, incest, or anything your gifted little mind can produce.

CBT: Ball busting, sounding, banding, crushing with boots or barefoot, electro, genital bondage, etc.

Anal: Mistress thoroughly enjoys an anal slut, whether it be a light prostate massage or a hardcore strap-on rape culminating in a fisting.

Bondage: Rope bondage, restraints.

Torture: Light teasing to prolonged pain.

Humiliation: All aspects of humiliation.

Sensory Play: Using instruments to heighten responsiveness, sensory deprivation.

Impact Play / Corporal Punishment: Spanking, flogging, paddling, caning.

Electrical Play: Electricity is used on the body to create pleasurable or painful sensations.

Medical Play: Medical play often involves an intimate or humiliating examination. My favourite medical sessions are catheterisation, piercing, milking & urethral sounding.

Golden Showers: I’m entertained by willing toilet slaves who enjoys tasting and being drenched in my sweet ambrosia.

Face Sitting / Smothering: I am blessed with a thick ass and thighs and take delight in smothering my slave’s face and watching them struggle as they attempt to take a breath.

Cross Dressing: Whether it be a full feminisation or simply a slave wearing a sexy pair of knickers.

Switching: A switch is anyone whose play role is neither exclusively dominant nor exclusively submissive.

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