Mistress Athena

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

I am a dangerous femme fatale, my professional dominatrix career spans 15 years.
From an early age I realised the potent and devastating pleasure of making a certain type of man my servant. I’m a successful businesswoman, so this is not simply a job for me. Domination is an enormous natural passion of mine. I thrive on being in a position of control. It is the unique and powerful psychological connections I tend to establish with my slaves and submissives that keeps me engaged and turned on.
I possesses an innate understanding of the dark, wonderful, erotic fantasies that drive us. I am non judgemental and extend a warm welcome to all who wish to experience these routes to ecstasy and climax, both regulars and new recruits alike.
I am strict with the experienced yet sympathetic to the novice. All you need to do is phone or email and I will arrange your euphoric experience. I conduct BDSM and fetish sessions at Temple 22, a luxury premises equipped with exquisite rooms and a large variety of toys, custom equipment, and of course, other talented Mistresses. You may also suggest other locations and Ill decide whether these are suitable.
I am beautiful and seductive, and always dressed impeccably to thrill, enthral and mesmerise my slaves. My latex, leather, fine lingerie and exquisite hosiery are accessorised by glamorous shoes or boots - some feminine, some stern but all sexy and beautiful. My subtle cruelties and soft cultured voice, my long legs, porcelain skin and black locks give me a striking look. My divine feminine power calls men to submit to me sexually.
Male, female or submissive couples are welcome. Your level of experience is unimportant, all I seek is your attention and respect. If you are looking for a more sensual session I have a subtly equipped boudoir that is more suitable. I genuinely enjoy introducing a new player to the delights of submission and pleasure. In the boudoir there are no taboos, fantasies can be freely fulfilled. While I endeavour to meet all your expectations, in return I expect you to succumb to my own ideals.
Watching in the mirror while I sit on your face excites me; let me show you the beauty of surrender while you pleasure me. Some of my favourite sessions involve all sizes of strap-ons. I like to have you on your back with Mistress looking straight into your eyes while I tell you what a slut you are during penetration. Slave training involving chastity is a favourite, exploring cross dressing and lesbian sensuality. Golden showers, or multiple orgasms with squirting is intimate and exhilarating. Strict old fashioned judicial discipline, rope bondage and CBT are effective ways to put a slave into sub-space. Adult babies or schoolboy fantasies are especially exciting to me.
With a diploma in applied psychology I am a natural at role play particularly medical fetishes. Sadistic or perverted adult games are a passion. Extended sessions involving exhibitionism or group scenes are a specialty. I encourage slaves to email me outlining their desires and expectations for the session. I find this greatly enhances our BDSM relationship. I am caring and personal and seek something that goes beyond the casual encounter. A gift of fine lingerie or latex will ensure I always consider you favourably.
Although I frequently travel I always keep a home in both Sydney and The USA. I only work in my own or female operated houses.
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Temple 22 is now closed, however we are still taking private bookings for our Mistresses, Touring Mistresses, Masters & Submissives.
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