Mistress Saden

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

Blessed with a darkly perverted imagination and a natural inclination towards the taboo, Mistress Saden is a true connoisseur of debauchery. 
An enticingly hedonistic and wicked sadist with porcelain skin, bold tattoos, and long, raven hair down to her hips, She offers a perversely nurturing and engaging experience, and has a penchant for understanding the deepest desires of her slaves.
Mistress Saden loves to conduct creative sessions ranging from sensual and playful to heavy and extreme torture, with some of her favourite activities being: slave training, humiliation, CBT, ball busting, golden shower, strap on, anal play, fisting, piercing, blood play, discipline, impact play, caning, whipping, beatdowns, mind games, occultism, consensual non-consent, and role play. 
Mistress Saden has a special interest in intricate role play sessions and taboo fantasies. If you have a twisted little fantasy, Mistress will gladly coax it out of you and have you begging to delve deeper. 
Come one, come all; couples, beginners, seasoned players, and people of all genders welcome. 

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