Mistress Gala

Professional Dominatrix - Sydney

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Mistress Gala spent many years engaged in professional domination and fetish performance art in Sydney, before moving south to Melbourne.

Mistress Gala is slim and athletic, in Her mid-thirties, with very short cropped hair and green eyes.

Renowned for Her intensity and focus in session, Mistress takes a particular interest in strict discipline, formal slave training, and enjoys breathing life into your darkest desires.

Mistress is a specialist in:

- Bondage: whether rope, restraint or mummification, Mistress will make you helpless before Her.

- Corporal Punishment: from dispensing due punishment to indulging masochistic desires Mistress enjoys taking a firm hand to the task.

- Genital Torture/Cock and Ball Torture: maintaining a selection of personal torture devices, Mistress delights in having you in the palm of her hand, exposed and vulnerable.

- Electrical: with an enduring interest in electrical play, Mistress takes pleasure in conducting stimulation and pain across your skin.

- Latex: a personal fetish for latex allows Mistress to indulge other latex lovers in intense latex fetish sessions. Note – it can be wise to book in advance for latex sessions.

- ABDL/Adult Baby/Infantilism: as Mother Gala, Mistress maintained Her own nursery for adult babies in Sydney for several years. Mummy is always so happy to have Her babies visit and keeps a range of clothes and toys just for them.

- Cross-Dressing: whether you are a slut, sissy or elegant lady, Mistress looks forward to dressing you for your and Her enjoyment.

Mistress is pleased to see men, women, and couples of all persuasions in session.

Mistress Gala has many other areas of interest, if you have an enquiry about your specific kink or needs in session then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.mistressgala.com

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