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I am an all-consuming Mistress and you will know when you are in My presence. I specialise in consuming your headspace which will in turn have you willingly give over your body. With years of experience I know what makes men tick. I know all of your secrets and your buttons. I know how to find them, push them and even jump up and down on them. You may try to endure, try biting back or purely choose to submit all of which will feed me as your Mistress. Controlling your journey, pushing those buttons and watching the response it elicits is what entertains and gives Me pleasure.

I have two sides to My personality. My presence can be powerful, unpredictable and genuinely frightening which will leave you on edge anticipating what will happen next. The other part of Me is a calm, caring individual who is considered one of the more nurturing Mistresses. I may combine these two halves of Myself in session or I may be one or the other depending on the goals set for the session and the approach needed to assist people in achieving these goals.

A client once told me that “BDSM is the thinking man’s sex” and I agree whole heartedly. Any experience with Me will encompass playing with your mind, body and soul. I look to affect your life and in this way, you may consider me a “lifestyle Mistress”.

I enjoy sessions with people who like to explore their limits physically, emotionally or mentally and preferably all 3 at once. I enjoy people who like to bring their entire self to a session and lay it all bare to explore. I aim to create genuine, authentic sessions and experiences that will help you to explore yourself and your perspective on life. I aim for a session to wake you up from your current existence, to shake you and disturb you and if worthy, to calm and sooth you.

I am not concerned with if you identify as a slave, submissive, bottom, play partner or endurer wanting to challenge Me back in session. I enjoy exploring play with people who categorise themselves in any of these roles as long as they bring their entire self to session. All of these dynamics are of interest to Me and I am able to adapt My approach to cater to the particular needs of each of these headspaces and way of being. I enjoy playing with heavier play partners and also people who may be having their first adventure in BDSM, fetish, kink and an alternate way of doing things.

Preparation for a session

So we both get the full enjoyment out of a session, it’s important you ensure you are well hydrated and have eaten well the night before our session and that you come to session having slept/rested well. If you haven’t prepared for a session, you run the risk of passing out or not being able to get every ounce of enjoyment from a session.

Being seen by a Mistress is not something one should take lightly. It is a mentally, emotionally and physically demanding experience. When you are immersed in a session, your body chemistry will also be working which may include change of blood pressure, adrenaline rush, endorphin release etc. As your Mistress I will be managing those changes with you, however if you have not done the necessary preparation, this can be made difficult and can mean we do not get as much out of the session as we’d like. You have a responsibility to look after yourself and prepare for your session.

What happens when you arrive for your session

When you first arrive we’ll have a chat before our session to:

• ensure your limits are known and therefore respected

• find out what you’d like to experience,

• discuss the activities you’d like to explore

• discuss the headspace you’d like to achieve

• talk about any health issues that may effect the session

• give you your safe word or stop word if you need things to slow down

You will then be given a shower to freshen up in and told the position to wait in while you wait for my return. A shower is also available to you after your session.


• Abduction and kidnapping

• Aftercare

• Anal play on you – fingers, toes, fisting, double handed fisting, dildo’s, strap ons, vibrators, butt plugs, temperature play (pyrex and metal toys), electric butt plugs or a special toy you’ve purchased for Me to enjoy on you

• Ball busting – kicking, punching, slapping

• Body worship

• Boot or shoe worship (as an element of a session)

• Breath control/play – hoods, gas mask, hand over mouth/face, rebreathing, temperature play, ordeal work

• Bullying

• Castration fantasy

• Catheterisation

• Chastity – key holding, placing device, psychological play

• Cock and ball torture – crushing, stretching, weights, pegs, ball busting, needles, sounds, electrics, temperature play, binding, tease and denial, post orgasm torture and I own many secret ball and cock torture devices for you to endure 😉

• Confined spaces – locked in including coffins, cages, garbage bins etc

• Contracts

• Corporal punishment – light to heavy using floggers, canes, strap, belt, paddle etc. I have an extensive range of


• Cross dressing

• Directed daily chores/activities

• Dirty talk

• Electro play – I own my own E-stim electrical unit with attachments for anal play, cock an ball torture, electric sounds and nipple torture

• Enema play/douching

• Erotic tie and tease

• Fetish wear – rubber/latex, PVC, corsetry, stockings and suspenders, leather

• Financial Domination – bill paying, presents etc, (light to heavy)

• Foot worship

• Gags – dental, inflatable, ball gags, piss gag, open mouth gags, fabric, penis

• Humiliation – heavy to extreme, disdain, verbal abuse, objectification, spitting, bitch slapping, private or public. I do not enjoy light humiliation at all. If you’re looking for someone to dress you in woman’s lingerie and give you dialogue you heard in your favourite porn, I am not the person for this session.

• Hoods – neoprene and latex hoods for sessions including elements of breath play, sensory deprivation, gimp

• Interrogation – light to extreme.

• Kidnapping

• Life coaching

• Lectures – for bad behaviour, for not completing tasks, inappropriate thoughts

• Lock and leave

• Medical – urethral catheters, sounds including a selection of metal, silicone, vibrating and electric, anal

examination, needles, enemas, role play, prostate examination, ejaculation control

• Needle work

• Nipple torture and teasing – temperature play, biting, pegs, clamps, nails, bondage, needles, violet wand, electrics

• Phone sessions

• Photography – of you in session as a reminder for you to take with you

• Psychological torture – medium to extreme

• Restraint and bondage – light to heavy using leather restraints, rope, wrap, latex, tape, chain.

• Role play – school girl, Head Mistress, Mummy, nurse, police, beautician, jail warden

• Rough body play – punching, kicking, slapping, forcefully pulled around (think cage fighting with you losing the entire time)

• Scheduling daily activities – light to extreme

• Sell used items of clothing – panties, stockings, lingerie

• Sensory deprivation – hoods, blind folds, ear plugs, pallet wrap, latex sack, mummification etc (light to heavy)

• Sensory play – light to heavy

• Slave and obedience training

• Smoking fetish

• Sounds – straight, curved, vibrating, electrical, metal and silicone. I own an extensive selection of sounds and they are very well cared for.

• Spanking – light to heavy, with or without leather spanking gloves, over the knee

• Training for couples and individuals including skill development with equipment, how to top and/or bottom, run a session

• Trampling – front, back, cock and balls, face, bare feet, with shoes

• Twitter sessions

• Verbal abuse

• Violet wand

• Water play – water boarding, dunking, temperature play, drowning

• Water sports

Hard Limits:

• Amyl, poppers, alcohol or any mood or mind altering substance that is not me

• Viagra or Cialis

• No animals – crushing etc

• Wrestling

• Rate negotiation. DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH ME ON RATES. The rate/tribute/donation I request is the amount required. If you do not have the required amount, let me know your budget and I can tailor a session to suit your needs. 

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