What our clients have to say about Temple 22

Alon T

Great place to forget about daily stress and enter a wonderful fantasy world then leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Thank You Temple 22.

Tahlia P

Best house in Sydney by a long shot. Awesome selection of Doms and subs, great crossdressing room and luxurious dungeons.

Bhosdi W

James S

Client Review via GOOGLE

Fantastic experience. What a way to experience something so liberating and exhilarating.

Client Review via GOOGLE

Since discretion is the hallmark of a place such as Temple 22, it seems unlikely to attract many reviews and I am, therefore, going to be discrete with this, my own report. All I can say is, if this kind of entertainment is your thing you will find nothing on earth of a higher standard. Although under totally new management, T22 offers the same high quality of experience as the former Sydney establishment, Salon Kitty, which I believe to have been its aim to emulate. In this regard, in my opinion it has surpassed its target. The fittings, cleanliness and quality of furnishings are second to none. The staff are exceptionally friendly and unfazed by any request. A potential customer will be under no pressure to stay or leave in the knowlege that absolute discretion will be maintained regarding their identity whatever the circumstances. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the boss face to face, however, she always answered my e mails promptly. In short: a First Class place and although not cheap, value for money. 

Client Review via GOOGLE

I went yesterday, it was great i'm going again this week.

Client Review via TRUE LOCAL

I was looking through the list of Mistresses in their website, until suddenly noticed one who seemed attractive. Checked her profile, and she seemed to be an exact match. Immediately called their number and realized she is available. I went there the next morning. Management was quite polite and hospitable. Finally when Mistress for whom I had asked showed up, she was thousand times more gorgeous than her photos. Besides that, I immediately noticed she had a special and unique personality. The ultimate feminine character with swagger, authority and charm. One of those rare women who knows precisely how to wield her woman power. She asked me what I wanted and I gave her a few brief hints, including the kind of attire that would turn me on. Then she left and after a while the manager guided me to a room. I waited there until my mistress entered. And then it started... I was expecting to experience an hour of a usual encounter with a dominatrix. But what I saw was absolutely surprising. I found what I was looking for throughout my life. An exquisite female who knows how to put you on permanent fire by wielding her art of seduction. Every small movement in each and every muscle and part of her body was absolutely meaningful, deftly controlled and incredibly effective. She was a true professional, an expert and skillful. It was as if she could read my mind, nay, she knew better than myself what I was yearning for! My experience with all other women, whether they were mistresses or normal women in real life, was similar to a curve that starts at its climax during the session or night and begins to fade away in a few days after. However, this time it was the other way around. Everyday I'm feeling even more ablaze, as if there is a fire that's burning me from the inside. I'll remember her and Temple 22 as the most unique experience of my life.

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Temple 22 is now closed, however we are still taking private bookings for our Mistresses, Touring Mistresses, Masters & Submissives.
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